WinToHDD. Download. 3.8 on 47 votes. WinToHDD is a free, handy and useful software which allows you to install or reinstall Microsoft Windows 11/10/8. ... Windows Deployment Tool, you ... second hard drive directly from ... partition with BitLocker when. Bước 1. Cắm ổ flash USB mà bạn sử dụng công nghệ BitLocker vào PC. Bước 2. Bấm đúp vào PC này (Windows 10) để mở File Explorer , sau đó mở ổ USB. Trong ổ đĩa này, bạn nên tìm một tệp văn bản có tên BitLocker Recovery Key nơi lưu khóa đó. Click on Yes on User Account Control screen, then the Command Prompt will be opened as an administrator. 2. On Command Prompt screen, type in the command line and execute it. Type in command line: Manage-bde -unlock E: -password. And then press Enter to execute it. 3. Type in password to unlock Bitlocker drive.

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